• Proper Restraint: Please protect your pet and others when leaving the hospital by either placing them in a pet carrier or use a leash. Please handle your pet gently, and do not allow your pet to become overly excited, which may result in injury.
  • Food & Water: Feed your cat its normal food and water upon your return home.
  • Eliminations: It is normal for a pet not to have a bowel movement for 24-36 hours after surgery. For 5-7 days after surgery, use shredded newspaper or a specially prepared litter (Yesterdays News) in place of your usual litter.
  • Exercise & Activity: Your cat should be able to maintain normal exercise. However, if your pet is an indoor/outdoor cat, please restrict them to indoors only for 6-7 days.
  • Sutures: There are no sutures involved with this procedure.
  • Monitor: A slight decrease in activity or appetite for 1-2 days is normal. If your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms, please notify the hospital:

– Loss of appetite/thirst for over 1 day
– Severe depression or weakness for over 1 day
– Vomiting and/or diarrhea
– Excessive swelling, bleeding or drainage of the toes.