Fleas are a common problem in Michigan, and there is no time of the year when your pet is safe from these pests. No bigger than a sesame seed, fleas are able to reproduce and move rapidly.

Female fleas lay incredible amounts of eggs after every feeding. The eggs then fall from their host onto the floor, furniture, bedding, and anywhere else their host my travel or lay down. Larvae hatch from the eggs and hide from light. They come out at night to feed on detritus before spinning a cocoon. The cocooned flea pupae lays inactive for weeks to years before emerging as adults ready to infest your pet.

Fleas bite and suck the blood from their host and they can infect your pet with tapeworms as well. A flea infestation can cause mild redness to severe itching. It is easy for owners to overlook fleas. Only one in ten cats and one out of three dogs show signs of itching. It is possible for people to be bitten by fleas.